Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Delicious new year!

Sorry for not posting anything for so long, I'm just so STRESSED right now. School is horrible...
Anyway, my parents will stay in Berlin over Sylvester with some friends, and they have two kids who want to be vegan, so I made them this!

Walnut Cake! Vegan! In a Jar!

I baked two cakes in a jar and the rest in a pan. I also glazed it with chocolate, and it tastes awesome. The walnut chunks are like little presents in the soft cake, and the chocolate glaze is the cherry on top.
(It's probably so delicious because of the considerable amount of fat, HAH)

Here's the recipe:

(It's german, for translation, use Google or ask me)

Merry late christmas and a happy new year!